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Coming in December 2021...

What happens when two artists decide to travel within a 2 1/2 hour radius of their home to explore Virginia? An exhibit is born...


Laural Koons and Dawn Whitmore created a plan to explore their home state of Virginia for an upcoming exhibit in 2021. The idea began as simple one, share their artwork and personal impressions of the area's explored. However, as one of Dawn's favorite movie quotes states: "Simple doesn't mean easy" happened as the two artists began determining what of the multitude of wonderful sites in their state should they focus on.

The compiled list includes sites chosen by both Dawn and Laural. Two of Dawn's planned sites did not work out. One being the New Comfort Lighthouse...currently under major restoration. Dawn is grateful they found out before making the 2 hour trip. The owner, of Dawn's second chosen site considers the property not ready for visitors. Dawn will stay in touch and hopefully the two will make the trip in the near future. It just may not be included in "Impressions of Virginia".

Follow Dawn and Laural as they travel during 2021 to sites in Virginia. We will share sneak peeks and snippets of our impressions. Then on December 10th, 2021, you are cordially invited to join us at Dockside Realty in Colonial Beach, Virginia for the opening of


You can zoom in and out on this map. Each pin is a place visited.

We will add pins, as we venture to capture our "Impressions of Virginia"

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