Impressions of Virginia: Arlington National Cemetery

Arlington National Cemetery 6x8 Study

© Laural Koons

Another adventure for Dawn and Laural started with the Arlington National Cemetery (ANC). We had two sites to visit this day and ANC was our first. Once again, we received a beautiful day with some clouds in the sky (clouds seem to make photos and paintings just that much better). Our plan was to drive up to section C first to check out a specific grave that Dawn had been working with the family while photographing their barn, that’s another story. As it was, my family is also in section C, so this journey was starting out great. Then, we hit a glitch….They were working on the roads that lead to section C and we were stuck! After a phone call and a helpful staff member, we were shown a place to park. Then we had a small hike to our destination.

Henry Pratt w/Berries

© Dew Photography VA

Once returning to the car, we drove to the main entrance and parked. Following the throngs of visitors, we made our way up to Arlington House and then to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Everyone should see the changing of the guards at least once in their life if possible, it is quite moving. We made one last stop at the resting place of Audie Murphy, the most decorated combat soldier of WWII and then it was time to hit the road for more of our adventure!

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