Impressions of Virginia: Old Town Alexandria

Old Town Alexandria (6x8 Study)

© Laural Koons

After our adventure at the Washington Gristmill and Distillery, Dawn, Laural and their fellow artist friend, Jen Galvin of Wild Oaks Studio continued to head down the George Washington Parkway to Old Town Alexandria. There were stops along the way to check out a few sites and get a few photographs before pulling into town. We couldn’t have asked for a better day. After viewing the Waterfront outside the Torpedo Factory, which unfortunately was closed, we captured photos of the tall ship and shoreline.

Tall Ship: Providence

© Dew Photography VA

We had a nice lunch near the outdoor art installation, and then headed for Christ Church walking up King Street. A little disappointed about the closed Torpedo Factor, we had the fortune to chance upon the Principle Gallery, a wonderful contemporary gallery located in a historic home once owned by Col. George Gilpin, one of the pallbearers for George Washington's funeral.

Once we explored Christ Church and its surrounding, we headed home after a full day. For more history of Old Town Alexandria:

  • There are so many things to experience in Old Town Alexandria:

  • Alexandria has a huge history and more than I could ever write on this short blog post! From Indegenious people through the Revolutionary War and Civil War to current events:

  • The Principle Gallery

  • The Torpedo Factory

  • Christ Church

Want Laural and Dawn's impressions of Old Town Alexandria and see the resulting artwork in person? Come to the Opening Night of their exhibit "Impressions of Virginia" on December 10th, 2021 at Dockside Realty in Colonial Beach, VA.