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"Century Barns: History, Heritage, & Their Humans" Book Updates

Aspen Grove Blue Tractor © Dew Photograp

UPDATE APRIL 2020: Century Barns has been moving along. We have had a few beta readers evaluating the materials written. Plus, the cover for Century Barns is in its infancy. This has been a long process and we are not done. However, it is worth every minute.

UPDATE APRIL 2019: No, Century Barns has not been abandoned. I like what a friend of mine said when her daughter asked when would "Century Barns" be ready....she responded, "Sometime between now and then." Life has changed and it has slowed the progress of writing. This in no way means the project has been forgotten. Just last week, I was able to write. Thank you to those who have been following and continue to follow me on this journey. 

UPDATE NOVEMBER 2018: A lot has  happened since our last update. The agent passed on our proposal. However, this is okay. We are researching opportunities including self-publishing. In September, we attended the Arts Business Institute Workshop in Manahawkin, NJ. Good things are coming from attending the workshop. In other news: The "Old Barn" Lady has been given a solo exhibit for October 2019 at one of the oldest galleries in Fredericksburg, VA. 

UPDATE JULY 2018: We have finished the 1st draft of two properties. The "Old Barn" Lady attended the Chesapeake Writer's Conference. This is a one day conference and she met with two agents. One passed with suggestions after the pitch. HOWEVER, the other agent asked for a proposal to be sent. Proposal sent on August 1st (the conference was July 28th). 

UPDATE AUGUST 2017: Nearly finished with research and writing for the first property in "Century Barns"...that means only 4-5 more properties to go before the first draft of the book is completed. 

  If you want to receive the "Old Barn" Lady Bulletin" which sends excerpts of our progress then subscribe to the website. 


  As we write, we are still researching on the properties we have photographed and still looking for a few more properties. There is a possibility there will be more than one volume to "Century Barns" but we will continue to focus on finishing this current work in progress before we make any further decisions.   

Here are the prerequisites for the properties: 

 ~ A property with a barn which is a minimum of 100 years old

~Either a still working farm or in the agritourism/agribusiness industry

~Owner be willing to sign a property release 




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