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October 5, 2017

The "Old Barn" Lady has been busily working behind the scenes. We are grateful two of the properties research and writing have been completed. We are making plans for all the necessary research and writing for the next two properties. At this pace, "Century Barns: History, Heritage and Their Humans" will take more than two years to complete. It has been decided "Century Barns" will be a series. This decision has been made because of the interest in #CenturyBarns. 


We are all excited as the progress of "Century Barns" keeps moving along. My hubby and daughter even got into the "Century Barns" spirit during Via Colori in FXBG and created a pink barn. 


 Creating a Century Barn during FXBG Via Colori

 The creators with their masterpiece.


 #CenturyBarns #DewPhotographyVA


We love everyone who has been giving us leads to potential #CenturyBarns, Keep all those leads coming our way. You can reach The "Old Barn" Lady through email dewphotographyva@gmail.com




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